the "OK!" boat to easily do what is needed to do.

OilKiller is a catamaran work-boat
for the cleaning and maintenance of water surfaces;
to collect and store floating plastics and garbages;
to collect biological and chemical data about water healthiness;
to filter and collect microparticles in order to laboratory analysis;
to oxygenate the water surface and encourage its revitalization.

cleaning and maintenance from oil films

This function is obtained by using the TJP patented device FLOC.
FLOC is a flexible collector to intercept the water surface and to drive the flow to the stern where, dissected by a second smaller FLOC, is forced to pass throgh the the second TJP patented device: Filter-Box. In the Filter-Box is guested a plurality of oleophilic elements that capture the oily spots by the contact.
The water mass that didn't pass through the Filter-Box is immediately left and the cleaned water as well from the Filter-Box.

collect and store floating plastics and garbage

This function is obtained by installing the Sieve-Box in place of the Filter-Box.
The size of the sieving nets defines the minimum size of the floating objects to retain. No water amount is collected.

collect biological and chemical data about water healthiness

This function is obtained by installing a control unit for chemical and biological analysis of the water.
The control unit can be configured with different sensors in order to the needed data.
A cloud digital store and the related software make the database storable and editable.

sampling and storage of microparticles

This function is obtained by installing a sampling net for plankton and microplastics between the catamaran hulls. The reachable sink is about one meter.
The size of the microporosity defines the minimum size of the objects to retain. No water amount is collected.

oxygenate the water surface

This function is obtained by installing a system that provides the spraying of oxygenated gas from a plurality of nozzles distributed on a wide support.

OilKiller prototype

The OilKiller prototype is moored in the Alto Adriatico Shipyard, in Monfalcone, Italy.
It has been used, and still is used, to test the OilKiller's performances and functions.
The prototype is at disposal for tests and demonstration back to a simple request.


The Jonathan Project


The Jonathan Project

was born on January the 7th to develop and realize the idea on which the OilKiller design is based.
The "philosophical" thought has gradually been defined because of the analysis of both the causes of environmental misfortunes and the prevention and intervention methods aimed at reducing harmful events and its damage.
Prevention and reclamation activities must be effective, economically sustainable and easily achievable.
Inventions and gigantic projects, pretentious panacea of all evils, are often so expensive and difficult to put in place that they are not applicable and therefore they are useless though they could be useful for understanding and developing future philosophies and technologies.
In the meantime, a large amount of money, intelligences, knowledge and skills are spent.

OilKiller is designed

looking at what it is needed to do;
thinking the simplest way to do it, feasible and economically sustainable;
thinking at models that involve all the operational phases, from how to reach the reclamation area to how to discharge pollutants to landfills;
trying to use everything that already exists, there is no need to reinvent hot water;
seeking a business model whose cost can be fragmented among more players, including benefactors, tycoons and large companies that can have a significant image return from their environmental care;
always keeping in mind the operators and their job healthiness;
accepting the impracticability of the 100% cleaning-up;
considering that any removed pollutant amount is a reduction of environment poisoning, in one sentence "better done than perfect"

Administrative bodies have the "problem" to supply strategies and tools useful and consistent with the increasing feeling of the natural environment's value thus giving answers to citizens' expectations for its care and protection.
OilKiller is a rational and effective answer to the problem
OilKiller generates savings or income with its high level of efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness
OilKiller performs the functions of analysis, cleaning-up, maintenance and monitoring of coastal, civil or industrial bodies of water. OilKiller allows the reduction of damage in case of occasional accidents solving the current complexities and the cost for maintenance and remediation interventions
The potential OilKiller customer shows to perceive the value given by the difference between the incoming benefits and the final purchase and management costs. They always manifested the purchase interest despite the bureaucratic or contextual difficulties.

Values that the market shows to perceive

OilKiller is a new solution to the problem of cleaning-up and maintenance of water bodies
OilKiller is innovative and unique as idea, realization and working method
OilKiller is effective in performing its functions
OilKiller requires only one operator
OilKiller does not collect water to be transported and treated with related costs
OilKiller has many functions: sampling, remediation, collection of solids, monitoring and oxygenation
OilKiller performs a clean work system without contact nor handling of waste
OilKiller is built with a high-quality standard


On Board Management


Founder of TJP
Patents applicant
Aircraft Engineer
Politecnico di Milano
Project and marketing manager

Luigi Perrella

Luigi Perrella

Delegate of the member Innovation Factory
Director at Innovation Factory

Fabrizio Rovatti

Fabrizio Rovatti
OnBoard Mamber

Financial Partner.
Owner and CEO of
SeRiGi Engineering

Franco Fonzari

Franco Fonzari
OnBoard Mamber

Owner of
Lostuzzi Yacht Design
Master of
Maritime Engineering Science
University of Southampton
Naval Designer

Marco Lostuzzi

Marco Lostuzzi
Design manager

Owner and CEO of
Computational Fluid Dynamics
in Marine Applications:
Politecnico di Milano
Hydrodinamics Designer

Simone Bartesaghi

Simone Bartesaghi
Hydrodynamics manager

Shipyard Manager
Programming and Building Manager for OilKiller

Giorgio Ferluga

Giorgio Ferluga


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Luigi Perrella, former CEO, is the actual liquidator. All @-mails from this site are addressed to